8:00-8:30 Refreshments

- General Welcome, Introductions and Context

8:45- Understanding the Change- Will Richardson
A contextual overview of how technology is facilitating learning and the implications for schools.

10:15- Break

10:30 - Panel Discussion in Elluminate with Thought Leaders from the Blogosphere - The 21st Century Leader
Participants will learn about and discuss ideas for the qualities of leadership that are necessary to begin and sustain change within schools. Discussions will include practical guidance for assessing schools and envisioning how leaders can e ffectively using technology across all functions of a school system to optimize benefits in learning, teaching and school operations.

11:00 - Overview of Powerful Learning Practice Model - Will and Sheryl
A quick overview of the PD model your teachers are experiencing and how this will impact student achievement in your schools.

11:30 Tribal Leadership- Will and Sheryl
Discussions about the work of Seth Godin and David Logan around leadership in a time of change.

12:30- Lunch

1:30 - Community of Learners - NING- Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
The "new" Web affords us an amazing opportunity to pursue our passions within online communities of like-minded learners from around the globe. And at the core of this challenge is how well we realize the potentials of today's emerging technologies in our own professional and personal learning practice as educational leaders.

2:15 - Networked learners - Tools and Strategies- Will Richardson
Learning in the 21st Century is all about networks and the connections we can make to other learners and teachers both in our communities and around the globe. But being literate in this new learning environment requires more than knowing how to read and write. It requires us to edit, publish, collaborate, create and connect in the process of building our own personal learning spaces. How do we build our own networks in effective, ethical and safe ways? We’ll explore the growing importance of “network literacy” in our learning lives.

3:00- Next Steps and Close