El delantal blanco
This is a play by Sergio Vodanovic. It is a required reading on the AP Literature List. It is a social commentary written during the Pinochet era.
Students have struggled in the past, but this year, I posted a student video in first class for students to preview.

Then we broke the story into sections. Each group recorded the lines, then added images to illustrate the action. This podcast was then shared as a way for the entire class to review the play.
Here is some footage of the groups working to create the recorded artifacts:


Students downloaded Audacity, then recorded their portion of the play.
here is the podcast:

Students were allowed to replay while reading as many times as they needed to answer 20 multiple choice comprehension questions. The average grade on this activity in the past is around 78. This year the average was 86.Now on to application. The next part of the lesson involves putting the literature into its proper social framework.We have already viewed "la historia oficial"--a film about political oppression and missing people in Argentina and it elaborates on the aristocracy's views, plus the central family had a maid. Building on this experience, students explore social classes in Latin American society. I hope that they discover that even in a population with a dominant religion in common (Catholocism) and a fairly uniform racial background, economic prejudice can still split a culture. I want them to learn how economic discrimination widens the gap in countries with small middle classes and that there is little movement between classes. I would be thrilled if they understood how the division of wealth and land limits the opportunities of the masses in other countries and make comparisons to the liberty we have in the US to move economically through education.